Online Theater Resources



CampTMP is excited to provide our families with a list of Musical Theater resources to use at home while we cannot be in class! Below is a list of FREE resources for our campers to watch and read. We also have launched CampTMP Online – which will be a collection of classes taught by CampTMP instructors starting April 5th!
Welcome to CampTMP Online!


Crash Course Theater – The YouTube Channel Crash Course has series on every topic you can imagine – including a 50-part series on Theater! Episode #50 is specifically about Broadway Musicals and is linked below, along with the full Crash Course Theater playlist!
Episode #50 Broadway Book Musical
Full Playlist


Movement/Dance – Some videos on YouTube with basic dance steps, stretches and dance warm-ups!

4 Basic Steps
Increase Flexibility
Musical Theater Dance Warm-Up


Auditions – These are short videos from Backstage’s YouTube Channel all about auditioning!

Most Important Element
Tony Nominee Advice
What Not to Sing at an Audition
What to Do if An Audition Song Isn’t in Your Range
Preparing Your Audition Book


MTI Free Reads –Music Theater International (where we license most of our shows) has a vast collection of “Free Reads” of their scripts. Below are links to some that may be interesting to our campers!

Matilda JR.
Disney’s Descendants One Act
Little Women
Moana JR.
The Little Mermaid
Disney Channel Shows (Descendants, Freaky Friday, Camp Rock, High School Musical)
West Side Story School Edition
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang JR.


Singing/Vocal Health

How Singers Can Stay Focused and Healthy (Recorded Livestream, Best for High Schoolers)


  • Melissa Massey-Maroni, who will be choreographing Xanadu Jr this summer, has shared some videos she made for her dance studio, The Studio – A Center for the Performing Arts. These include warm-ups, toddler movement, ballet and tap!
    The Studio
    Dance Floor Warm Up (All Ages)
    Sun (Good for Ages 2 – 5 years)
    Dance with a Teddy Bear! (Good for Ages 2 – 5 years)
    Preschool Ballet warm up: Frozen 2 (Ages 3 -5 years)
    Tap: Ages 3 -5 Years Little Tap Shoes
    Tap: Ages 6 –16 Tap Warm-up and Across the Floor
    Tap: Adult Tap Warm-up and Basic Steps Practice/Across the Floor
    Tap: Time Steps (Classical)
    Ballet History 101
    Ballet History 102