Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Advisory Board


TMP Progress Report and EDI Advisory Board Statement

For more information or inquiries please email us at the following address tmpediab@gmail.com. Responses to emails will be given in a timely manner.

  • TMP staff members have been engaged in ongoing EDI training with RE: THEATRE
    • RE: THEATRE is an online theatre and education consulting company whose goal is to inspire educators and theatremakers to use theatre as a tool for community engagement and healing.
    • July 2020: TMP staff participated in the following classes: Culturally Responsive Rehearsal Spaces; Race and Ethnicity in Casting and Show Selection; LGBTQIA Representation in Theatre Spaces; and Consent, Body, Autonomy, and Intimacy.
    • August 2020: TMP staff participated in the following classes: Building a 5 Year Road Map; Amplifying Unheard Voices; Culturally Responsive Mission Statement; and Ethical Protocol.
  • Board of Directors and staff actively engaged in re-writing the mission, vision, and values statement (last updated in 2010). The TMP Board of Directors meets monthly.
  • TMP Director of Education is a member of RE: THEATRE’s roundtable discussions on education and diversity. The roundtable consists of educators from around the United States working in professional, community, and educational theatre settings.
  • In August, TMP created the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Board. There are currently 7 members serving on this board. You can learn more about the EDI board by reading our bios/seeing our pics on the website. This board meets at least once per month.
    • The EDI Advisory Board has been providing input to the Managing Artistic Director on the revisions of the mission, vision, and values statement.
    • The EDI board is actively working to ensure that TMP coordinates and facilitates diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that are meaningful and measurable in the following core areas: actor development, actor and creative team representation, theatre culture and climate, and community engagement.
    • The EDI board is discussing how TMP can implement an ongoing mechanism to receive feedback and input from actors who are underrepresented in theatre to make sure that TMP is expanding awareness and engaging in practices that promote equity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

TACOMA MUSICAL PLAYHOUSE welcomes our new members to TMP’s EDI Advisory Board.  We thank you for giving your time, energy and skills to help TMP become a more welcoming and inclusive theater.


EDI Advisory Board     



Elise Campello









LaNita Hud
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Christina Naficy













Dr. Brittany D. Henderson (she/her/they/them) is an educator and artist, working over the last 15 years of her career to create more inclusive environments and support services. Brittany’s dissertation research described and analyzed the strategies, processes, and behaviors higher education leaders used to build and execute a successful strategic diversity plan. She currently serves as the Dean of Student Affairs at Cornish College of the Arts and is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity.





Demmarie McKay has been a part of the Tacoma Musical Playhouse for seven years. She has worked the lighting board and has been working on many of the Camp TMP, productions running and designing lights. Demmarie has her Bachelors’ Degree in General Psychology, and is currently in a double Masters Programs, for Mental Health Counseling and Addiction Studies. Demmarie is thankful to be involved with the Equity Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board.